Collective for Local Development KOLOR
is a civil society organisation and a meeting point of the fellow citizens who share the same vision of the local community they want to live in - the learning local community whose development and future are based on long term planning and sustainable use of its resources for the benefit of its current and future members.
What do we want?
We want to have creative and innovative local community based on the notion of solidarity, that enables growing up, learning, and participation! Our mission is to improve the quality of life in the local community through dialogue, understanding and exchange of needs, know-how, skills and experiences, cooperation and activism, transparent information, advocacy and support for positive social change in order to strengthen community social capital and raise the quality of life.
About us and our shared values
We are a group of active and curious people who invest their experience, knowledge, and expertise in the development of the local community. Our backgrounds are from different fields across all sectors and our work is based on the values we all share, such as: humanism, human rights, respect and dialogue, activism and solidarity, civil participation, good govern-ance, accountability, sustainability, social innovation, critical thinking and science-based approach.
Preferable project topics for potential cooperation and partnership
- sustainable development, especially in the fields of agriculture and tourism
- environmental protection
- development of local democracy
- participatory budgeting
- organisational development
- culture and creative industries